A LOCAL company has introduced a new and alternative learning product for students and people in Papua New Guinea.
During the launching of the Think Tank Quiz programme yesterday in Port Moresby, company director John Kama said the product was a breakthrough in new and alternative learning outside schools that involved school children and adults.
He said with the change in time and development, children were losing interest in the kind of lessons been presented in the classroom. So he developed this concept of quizzing or debating using computer technology.
Kama said its intention was to educate and improve a person’s cognitive development in a fun and entertaining way by quizzing their general knowledge while rewarding them financially.
He said learning did not stop when one left school but was life-long.
And with the introduction of the product he believes it would benefit lives by way of transforming what they had learnt into producing results for them in whatever they did.
Kama said the quiz product was the first of its kind in the country and was specially intended to support the literacy programmes of schools.
The Think Tank Quiz programme is similar to Channel Nine’s “Who wants to be a millionaire” show with three categories for each level of education from primary for Grades 1 to 8, secondary for Grades 9 to 12 and tertiary for higher education students and adults.
Assistant secretary in the curriculum and assessment division of the Education Department Dr Eliakim Apelis said it addressed some areas of universal basic education by providing basic and quality education for children.
He said it was good to see people who had gained education and were working overseas come back and be agents of change.
Port Moresby Grammar School Grade 11 student Shimona Ipah said the product was a brilliant idea that provided an alternative source of learning she could engage in during her free time