Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christian curriculum a must for schools

Source: yutok, Post Courier, Wednesday October 12, 2011

ALLOW me space to comment on the Education Minister’s move to introduce Christian curriculum in the formal education system as reported in the media recently. I believe that the Minister’s move is the best and that we all should support the move.
Many young people do not know what is right and what is wrong. The world is so evil that our young people, if not morally strong, are likely to be influenced negatively. Therefore, young people must be taught christian principles in schools so that at least they know what is right and what is wrong before they reach the age of maturity and make independent decisions. If we do not instill christian and/or godly principles in our young generations, then the world will. If we allow the world to influence our young people, then the result will be a disasterous one. This especially true in England and the rest of the western world where their young people seem to have no sense of morality. This was culuminated in the recent London looting. Prime Minister David Carmeron admitted that his country’s young people indeed do not have any sense of morality.
It is either us or the world influence our young people. If we do not instill morality and christian principles in our young people, then nobody else will. Therefore, let us all support our Education Minister and push for Christian curriculums to be introduced.

David Gonol,
Port Moresby

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