Friday, October 21, 2011

Buying ambulance is not development

Source: The National -Friday, October 21st 2011

MANY Papua New Guineans do not understand the meaning of development.
Many think development has come to their villages when their MPs build a double classroom, buy a truck, ambulance or grader.
This is not development and this is certainly not service.
Development means what we can see in the context of economy, social well-being, education, health, infrastructure, accessibility, competency and environmental protection.
Since Independence, PNG claimed to be a Christian country and yet we read in our dailies about court cases relating to fraud, rape, murder, misappropriation in office, and other offences.
If one is truly Christian, he or she must portray in all aspect of life the virtue of “fearing God”.
Most of the time, elected leaders fooled the people by claiming to have brought development to their doorstep like building a classroom or buying an ambulance.
While this may be good, how can the district become economically independent from a classroom or an ambulance?
Will it help the social life of a disabled person?
Are there roads for the people to sell their garden produce such as ve­getables or coffee so they can become economically independent?
Are road, bridges, health centres and schools being maintained?
Is the environment protected for future generation?
These are some of the things we need to see our leaders bring to us.
As a Christian country, we must embrace the scripture “Love of money is the root of all evil”.
Nowadays, money settles everything in life and everything is related to money.
To put it simply – no money no talk? Is that how we have prioritised money?
With the general election around the corner, will money determine who gets elected into parliament?
When we have sold our votes for money, we are unlikely to see development heading our way.
Many of us had done this and we are blindly blaming our elected leaders instead of blaming ourselves for the lack of development.
If we regret what we have done in the past, then let us learn from that mistake and stop selling our votes cheaply.
I call on the people of Daulo to forget what we have done in the past and look ahead by giving the mandate to someone who can bring development to the district.

Gideon Wagi Mutono
Port Moresby

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