Source:The National - Wednesday, October 19th 2011
NINE people were shot dead and three others, including a woman, are suffering from bullet wounds following a morning raid near the Karik airstrip in Por­gera, Enga.
More than 20 relocation houses built by the Barrick (PNG) Ltd at its gold mining site for the Nomali landowners were razed along with other buildings.
Reports said enemy tribes of the Nomali, living at lower Porgera and Toge, had converged on Karik early yesterday morning.
Tipinini Kairiki law and order restoration committee coordinator Nickson Pakea said their bid for a surprise attack was spoilt when a mine employee spotted them and raised the alarm.
A gun battle eventuated resulting in the death of three Nomali tribesmen, the burning down of 20 houses belonging to the local people while a woman’s hand was also chopped off.
The Nomali retaliated and shot dead six of their enemies and wounded two others.
Pakea claimed the differences had started following the Aug 5 shooting to death of a Nomali youth who had gone to Porgera to pan for gold.
The son of a Heno village chief was killed in retaliation and tension flared.
Police reinforcements had moved into Karik airstrip to monitor the situation.
Paiam Hospital officials had confirmed receiving the corpses of nine people yesterday, plus the injured woman and two men.