Friday, September 16, 2011

Yapum to Longap, Taeteges Road

This blog is about the road from Yapum junction to within the next 10 kilometers of this road. The road author captured these images during the recent trip. Any further photos from that side would be highly appreciated.

Section of road just after leaving the catholic primary school and aid post.

This is a huge pothole on the middle of the road within 2km off from the yapum junction. Vehicle passing through here have to wade through the pothole filled with water about 0.5m deep. 
After reaching the pothole is this section where road appears to be a small bush/swamp track used for walking. Notice how badly the road link to that part of the district is needed for their every day life.

Vividly long visible potholes on the main road. Infrastructure services delivery on this part of the district is pretty much poor similar to that of the Mariant area.

This is the section of the road where the author had to turn back and return. Though narrow, the condition of the road here is in good state but not the section after leaving the yapum junction.

The same 0.5m pothole that was given in a photo in the previous pages but this time photo taken on the way back to Kandep.

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  1. Waneo;
    Please update these pages with comments quickly please. the stories become insteresting. Will sent some photos for you to add.



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