Friday, September 23, 2011

Polye told to earn, not buy leadership

The National - Friday, September 23rd 2011

NATIONAL Alliance party president Simon Kaiwi has sent a strong message to Don Polye that leadership is earned and not bought.
Kaiwi alleged that the party’s regional and provincial executives were recently flown into Port Moresby, put up in a hotel and paid allowances to sign a petition recognising Polye as party leader.
But, he said the petition, when delivered to the Registrar of Political Parties, was rejected because the registrar did not recognise Polye as leader and referred the matter back to the party to resolve.
The same petition was given to the speaker who then recognised Polye as the NA parliamentary leader on Wednesday.
“What happened is the prerogative of the parliamentary process but, unfortunately, the speaker has been misinformed on the process to declare who is party leader,” Kaiwi said.
“Those executives have no power and authority to appoint or elect a parliamentary leader of the party. That is illegal.”
He said Polye, the Kandep MP, and his group had removed the National Alliance from government and then disqualified party leader Sir Michael Somare as regional member for East Sepik.
“Polye and his group decided to move to the other side and that is their prerogative. You can move out and use another name but not National Alliance,” Kaiwi said.
He said the 20 members of parliament had been expelled by the party and the process had been set in motion for the MPs to show cause by next Wednesday as required by the party constitution.
In a letter, dated Sept 20, 2011, the registrar wrote to Kaiwi telling him that he did not recognise Polye as leader and that it was an internal party issue.
“We have been petitioned by way of documents tendered to my office on Sept 20 to recognise Polye, member for Kandep, as the parliamentary leader of National Alliance,” the registrar wrote.
“We are aware that related issues are now subject of court decision and disciplinary process against some members of the National Alliance parliamentary wing has been set in motion by the national executives of the party. That includes Polye and the speaker and member for Sinasina-Yongomugl, Jeffery Nape.
“I advise that the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates does not give the registrar powers of intervention into party disputes and, therefore, cannot recognise who is the legitimate parliamentary leader until such
time all documents relating to its appointment have been tendered by the executives in accordance with the party constitution.”
Kaiwi said what was happening now was sad as young leaders were falling into the trap to get what they wanted at all costs.
“Is that what we want for the country?”

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