The National - Wednesday, September 14th 2011

ENGA needs honest and genuine leaders, Member for Kandep and Minister for Finance and Treasury, Don Polye says.
He said the province needed quality leaders and not people who were too materialistic.
Polye made the statements on Monday afternoon during a visit to Wabag town to attend the funerals of two provincial National Alliance party executive members who died last week.
He attended the funerals of former provincial administrator Michael Puiyo and businessman Poko Kanda Paki.
Polye, who was accompanied by party executives Rex Paki and Paul Kurai, told mourners in Wabag town and Waipu village, bordering the Kompiam district, that his visit was to pay his last respects to two long-time friends.
He said their relationship was not built on materialism but on trust and confidence which were important because they promoted goodness and unity.
Polye said the culture of showing respect during a time of sorrow must be upheld at all times.