Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kandep Station to Kambiya Trip

This is about the Author's road trip from Kandep station (the district headquarters of Kandep) to Kambiya in the Mariant Constituency. The entire journey can take up to an hour and half to reach Kambiya. The author was lucky to have a portable camera on hand at least to capture images along the way for display.

Section of the road at Kandep station facing wiikam. On the left is the proposed district market for the people of Kandep.

Photograph taken from wiikam field overlooking building the newly renovated administration complex which appears not be fully utilized.

Newly built Kandep district hospital complex with staff houses at the far end on your right.

Section of the road at Sawi which is not far off Kandep station about few minutes walk. This is the door way to the Marinat constituency which is a home to more than 20 council wards. Notice the condition of road here and one would image the condition as we further away from the station.

This is the road junction at Sawi, on the right is the road that leads to Pindak, Mariant catholic mission, Kolopa, Kambiya and pura, lakalap and Winja and on the left is the road to Gini, Supi, Tinjipak and last wert

Junction leading to the newly constructed road to Margarima via Kanyak on the right. This road is not linked and is continuing. The cross over the bridge is bye wooden dugout across the river. On the left is the main existing road to Mariant.

A closer view of the said road as in the above photograph

This is a section of the road at Pindak which is not far off from about less than 5 kilometres from station. notice the huge craters on the middle of the road. Most PMVs do not go beyond this due to condition such as this one here.

Section of road before reaching Kimblam, the road junction to Kolopa, Kambiya and Pura and Lakalap and Winja.

This is Kimblam, the road junction as mentioned above. On the right is road to Kondo, Lakalap and Winja while on the left is the road to Marinat catholic mission, Kolopa, Kambiya and Pura and all these places.

Section of the road at Kimblam before reaching the Marinat catholic mission. This section of road is only passable by Land Cruiser and no other.

Section of road at Mariant catholic mission, road condition appear to deteriorate in condition as we move further away from the district head quarters.

Viewers might not be surprised at this scene as the story was building on. This is kanwaeng close to Mariant catholic mission and the road that leads to the home base for the Larop Kuprups comprising of 10 council wards. This and the next 2 images shown below are for this very sorry scene.

Because good road network is the key to any development health centers, bridges and schools to exist, one would quickly predict the type of basic service delivery on this part of the district.

There you go the bridges only meant for walking by foot which is the only mode of transport on this part of the district.

The state and condition of the road on this side of the district has appeared to be like this. Not long ago, this was once a road that was easily accessible by PMVs and people have utilized thsi service to transport their produce to Mendi town or wabag for sale.

This is non other than Mariant River, in Kandep District. Enga Province.

Mariant bridge taken from a distant. Photos below will show the state of this bridge.

Thsi is Marinat bridge. All wooden treated timber have decayedaway/removed and grasses and pit pit are being improvised for non other than walking by foot.

Looking down stream of mariant river from the bridge.

This is mariant river and at the background is Kasu.

This is Kalangi river bridge in Kandep district on the road to Kolopa and Kambiya. Notice the sorry state of the bridge here. The government's lack of services delivery on thsi part of the district.
Looking far beyond is Kolopa Homa and mountain momde range.

This is so called Kolopa Homa (Ples Singsing). The two council wards (Kolopa 1 & 2) here are a 100% support base for the Current Finance and Treasury Minister, honorable Don Polye. The photograph display above shows how services have been delivered for the benefit of the poor voters who have mandated him.

This is now Lake Papali located on the swamp shared mostly by Kambiya, Torom, Larop Pako, Mas Kikil of Momde and Mundip Maproph of Pura.

Photograph taken from a distant following the route as displayed above. At the background far end is the Kandep station where this journey started.

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